Welcome to Greener Photography!

Photography is an art form that allows each of us to interpret the world around us. The nature of our tools and traditional materials makes photography a high-tech field; it is an energy-intensive activity. We believe that we can make our high-tech field more green by implementing environmentally-friendly practices, and encouraging suppliers to do the same.

Greener Photography is a member-supported organization that:

  • certifies professional photographers
  • educates the photographic industry and consumers
  • collaborates with manufacturers on greening their services and products

Greener Photography is a place for the photographic community to consider the environment; learn to conserve and better preserve our resources and images; and connect by sharing suppliers, ideas, and methods.

Together we can learn how each of us can be more green, advocate for change within our field, and provide a place for informed discussion about how we can make photography greener.

We expect our principles to grow as our community grows. We want to drive the industry standards for environmental awareness and pollution reduction. As a member of Greener Photography you are part of the solution. Please consider joining today!

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