Pro DPI Closes for relocation


You know how they say you don't know a good thing till it's gone?  Well I have been taking ProDPI for granted.  Did you know they are closed this week for relocation.  Yes closed.  These guys never close!  I've had to order from another lab - yuck.  I've had to pay a min. order fee on drop ship orders, I've shipped in non-recycled packaging.  I can't wait for them to come back on line Sept 3. 

Good news is, they are moving to Colorado which is more central location, 300 days of sunshine and no earthquakes.  Sounds like a good life move to me (no offense CA, but plate tectonics is nothing to mess with). Seriously though, ProDPI is a super swell little lab, with awesome service and beautiful prints.  I appreciate the reminder that I love these guys and now I'd like them back, please.

Rehab Through Photography Camera Drive

Rehabilitation Through Photography (RTP) harnesses the wonder and the beauty of photography to help heal body and spirit. Founded almost 70 years ago as a humanitarian response to World War II and to help soldiers and veterans, RTP has expanded its mission to serve individuals in need from childhood through old age. RTP now provides photography instruction and programs to the physically and emotionally handicapped, the elderly, at-risk youth, the economically disadvantaged, the homeless and the visually impaired.

RTP is running Summer camera drive.  There goal is 100 cameras by Sept. 1.  Let's help them out!

For more information please click here.

Help Fight Poverty One Custom Portrait at a Time


During the month of August, 2010, Red Thread Photography, llc, a custom children’s portrait studio serving Northern Virginia, will donate 100% of its proceeds from portrait session fees and digital negative sales to CARE (, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.

“As a parent, I understand that in these difficult economic times, it can be tough to make as many charitable donations as we would like, and to invest in custom portraits of our children, so I wanted to give clients the opportunity to do both at one time“ says Lisa Hager, owner/photographer of Red Thread Photography, llc.

Hager states that she chose CARE because of its emphasis on women and children and its focus on tackling the underlying causes of poverty so people can become self-sufficient and notes “I have three young children and when I try to imagine my children and I living in the poor conditions so many families must endure, I wanted to work together with my clients to make a meaningful difference in addressing poverty for these families.”

Red Thread Photography, llc would like to raise at least $5,000-$10,000 for CARE during the month of August, 2010. Hager states that she plans to continue dedicating one month of every year to raising money for charity.

Red Thread Photography, llc is an environmentally and socially responsible children’s portrait photography studio serving Northern Virginia and focuses on capturing connection and natural expression.

For additional details regarding this charitable event, or to schedule a portrait session, please visit or call Red Thread Photography, llc at 703-314-6777.



Going Green with Táve Studio Management Software

The right studio management system can not only organize your mind, your business and your desk, but also help you go paperless.  i have been a Táve user over a year.  Visit the Tave blog to find out how it helped me go paperless which helped me qualify for the big, bad Leadership Circle!  I am also working with Karen at Táve to get the word out about paperless business and helping them to green up their act!

And FYI it's pronounced tah-vay.

Táve Helped Me Go Green

If you are interested you can get a free trial and check it out for yourself.

If you are currently using a studio management software, evaluate your usage, see if it has helped you use less paper or if it can.  many times we are surrounded by opportunities to green up and don't even realize it.  I use online contracting with all of my clients which not only cuts paper usage, but saves the fuel of a trip across town.

Certification Webinar!

Free Webinar to explain the entire certification process from start to finish!  Join us Tuesday August 3 at 1:00 PM EST.  We will show you the real application and have a live Q&A.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat today!

"Printing Green" Published in the Green Bride Guide!


Leadership Circle and co-founder Thea Dodds' article, "Printing Green" was published in the Green Bride Guide. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments section!

New Marketing Greener Portraits Article in Professional Photographer magazine


Leadership Circle and co-founder Dawn Tacker's article, "Marketing Yourself as a Greener Portrait Photographer," was published in PPA's Professional Photographer magazine. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments section!


Certification Webinar!


Join Me, Thea Dodds - Membership Director on Tuesday July 13 at 1:00 PM EST for a live demonstration of the entire certification process from start to finish. We will have a live Q&A where you can ask questions about the process.

Transparacy is the name of the game!  And we'll have a special promo code for attendees.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now!

New Sustainable Wedding and Portrait Products


McKay’s Photography has continued the quest to decrease the carbon footprint in the wedding photography industry with some cool new product lines! As many of you know, I have been a life long self-described “dirty hippy”, well actually only my friend Tony calls me that, but there is some truth to the name. Since attending the Rochester Institute of Technology in the ’90s, I have been very interested in sustainable practices as just plain common sense. This was a HUGE drive toward my vegetarianism and for years and years I have been invested in keeping my waste to a minimum. While there is always room for improvement, especially in a consumer society, I do my very best. No where has this been more apparent than with my Wedding Photography business.

The new Green trend makes me happy if only because there are more and more green options everywhere I look. From my super awesome brown canvas frame and album bags (Wegmans plastic bags in the winter were just tacky anyway)… to my new line of framing and albums, there have been a lot of changes in my studio this year. I am the first Photographer in Rochester to switch from DVDs to Jump Drives (USB drives) for the High Resolution image files! I’ve been scouring conference trade shows for these, and EVERYONE still promotes DVDs! It has been a frustrating journey, but I found some pretty brown ones to put my logo on!

Another awesome change was to Sustainable Framing! Not only is my framer less than 2 miles from my house, but I FTP the images to them and they print and frame whatever I need! I secretly call it the “stay in my jammies” special, because my buddy, Pat, does all the work! He found me a special line of frames that are reclaimed from: wood shavings, chips, sawdust, wasted trim, pallets, construction materials etc. The frames are a solid material with a smooth, fine texture! A bonus is that Pat is awesome at picking out mats and frames and I am terrible at it…. I just tell him to do whatever he wants and he always makes me happy that I delegated to the expert.

Next up is my GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL  and LUXURIOUS new eco-friendly album! Can you tell I’m a little excited about it????? I’ve been wanting to order a sample from this company since I first began looking into albums. I’ve been too cheap to do it and also too afraid to pick the images to go into it. I needed images worthy of the album, and realistically I knew that I didn’t have the clientele that spring for such an album. Worse still was that I knew that past clients would want it as much as I did! I was OK teasing me, but not them. Well, now is the time to offer this one of a kind, handmade, eco-friendly album with Japanese book cloth covers and a custom presentation box to store it in. All of my other albums are delivered in a cardboard box. OK, a fancy cardboard box, but still. So, I will also offer the handmade clam shell box as an upgrade to my regular albums as well.

Well, this post is way too long and I still have a LOT more to say, so I’m ending it here with a few images….

Start a renewable energy initiative in your area!


Is there a energy initiative in your area?  If not, want to start one?

I am just filling out my membership application for the Plymouth NH renewable energy initiative and had to share.  This is one of the cleverist little ideas I've heard of in a while.  It's turning solar energy into a community process.  Members join for a fee and volunteer to help other community members install solar systems.  In turn member's get a system of their own installed for a very reasonable price, a home energy audit and a host of other benefits.  It's so exciting to see renewable energy becoming affordable, accesible and a community-building opportunity.

They also offer a CD for someone to start one these in your area.  What a great idea!!



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