Recycling Rain

50 gal tc snap on connected to aunt molly's diverter small.jpg

I'm so excited it rained today!  We just installed two 80 gallon rain barrels and with just a half inch of rain, they both were flowing over.

I am shocked that that much rain comes off the roof.

We do not live in a dry area by any stretch.  We have more of a flood problem then drought.  We are using the barrels to catch the rain that has done a number of our brick patio and siding.  It is so cool to see how easy, effective and inexpensive this system is!  We bought the barrels for $80/each from Rain Barrels and more.  The shipping was free, quick and they weren't packaged at all. 

Installation took very little time and we hooked up a hose to water the garden as needed. 

For those of you in a dry area, you should definitely do this!

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