Pro DPI Closes for relocation


You know how they say you don't know a good thing till it's gone?  Well I have been taking ProDPI for granted.  Did you know they are closed this week for relocation.  Yes closed.  These guys never close!  I've had to order from another lab - yuck.  I've had to pay a min. order fee on drop ship orders, I've shipped in non-recycled packaging.  I can't wait for them to come back on line Sept 3. 

Good news is, they are moving to Colorado which is more central location, 300 days of sunshine and no earthquakes.  Sounds like a good life move to me (no offense CA, but plate tectonics is nothing to mess with). Seriously though, ProDPI is a super swell little lab, with awesome service and beautiful prints.  I appreciate the reminder that I love these guys and now I'd like them back, please.


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I miss them too!

I can't wait for ProDPI to come back online either! I'm very excited for their new, central location too. I enjoyed this short and sweet post on their relocation... it can remind us all how much we appreciate and rely on our labs!

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